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music on the way!

2011-11-10 22:43:58 by Bracksta

I will be posting the music i have been producing the past year very soon. sorry for the recent lack of action on this site. i have been very busy, i'm sure we all are. life is a roller coaster! i moved out, got married, got a new job, and now have a beautiful baby girl! all in about a year and a half! whew lol!

Latest Piece!!!

2010-03-30 04:19:36 by Bracksta

Dragon Flight

Busy Busy Busy

2010-03-19 22:25:48 by Bracksta

working on alot of music, three collaborations and personal pieces. i am stacked, it is awesome!!!

Busy Busy Busy


2010-01-25 03:21:07 by Bracksta

i hate writers blocks, but love collaborations :D

Mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!!!.....good stuff XD

Mortal Kombat vs DjBracksta


2009-11-24 03:29:14 by Bracksta

I just got bombed, i hate bomber and NG needs to do something about this problem. i watched my song's rating go from a 4.41 to like a 3.41 (or so) in about five minutes, utter bull crap. NG needs to somehow keep track of people who bomb and take away there voting ability or something because to many good artists have been slain by dumb @ss bombers. Below is what i want to do to bombers!!!



2009-09-23 00:38:54 by Bracksta

I am open for collabs with anyone, i use FL. just pm me and we'll work it out! thanks!


2009-05-14 23:32:54 by Bracksta

I just graduated!!!! i am going to be making music nonstop, lol. So keep me on your listening list!!!


2008-12-31 01:29:25 by Bracksta

I just got a new system, FL Studio 8. It's is so awsome, i feel it has finally given me the sound quallity that i needed to attract people to my music. Cause i know that i got some talent, but this system has given me many more tools to work with it is so awesome. So hope that you peeps out their check up on my music, cause i think it will only get better, but there is no guarantees, lol. Peace.

i am happy now

2008-07-14 22:54:54 by Bracksta

ya, my newest song Into the Sky was a huge hit and i am very happified by this. All is good in my lil NG world. I invite anyone to check out my submissions. I know you are bound to like something.